Elderly YouTuber Down Names of All His Subscribers, & Thanks Them Individually

Nilson Izaias Papinho, an elderly YouTuber from Portugal, who has only 29 videos on his channel on YouTube, took the internet by storm in his own way. He simply wrote down the names of his YouTube subscribers in a notebook when he isn’t documenting his skills on tape and thanked each of them individually for following his work. He has only 29 videos based on Loves talking about his garden, flowers and making DIY slimes.

Elderly YouTuber Down Names of All His Subscribers

Nilson notes down the names of his YouTube Subscribers and Thanks everyone by reading out their names in separate videos. He started showing this unique gesture a couple of months ago and has been posting them since.

Social media has so many hidden stars and the user never fails to find them. Noticing Nilson’s adorable habit, they decided to return his kindness by making him an internet star.

He had 7K subscribers at the end of January. And the days that followed next, his channel exploded by monumental proportions. At present, he has nearly 2.5 million subscribers.

Slime Making Video
Video of His Breakfast
Beautiful Garden

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