The 90’s kids can surely recall the fun they had with these items that they used to have during their childhood. Those used to be pretty handy, very cheap and very easy to share with your friends anytime and anywhere. Loads of funs and memories are associated with the back-in-the-days’ things.

So here are the lists of things that will remind you of your childhood:

Image: RVCJ

Big Fun and Big Babol: Favorite chewing gums.

Big Fun and Big Babol

Key: The Key to the Wonderland!

The Key to the Wonderland!

NATRAJ geometrical box: One of your treasures during school days.

NATRAJ geometrical box

Kismi: You were crazy about Parle Kisme.


Letter Box & Antenna: The excitement for getting letters was very amazing. And, you forgot TV antenna ???

Letter Box & Antenna

Ink Pen: Checking ink in Your HERO fountain pen was daily routine before going School.

Ink Pen

Chewing Pencil: One of the favorite moment of my school day life.

Chewing Pencil

Sony Walkman: Best friends of song lover from 90’s.

Sony Walkman

Switch Box: Very rarely find today.

Sony Walkman

Paper Boat: Who forgot this beautiful moment from the rainy season.

Paper Boat

Rol a Cola: Remember craziness about Rol a cola.

Rola Cola

Cycle: Owning fancy features cycle was a big deal for all from the 90’s.


Pithoo: One of the traditional outdoor game from the 90’s.


Onida & Onida’s Devil

Onida & Onida’s Devil

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